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Acupuncture philosophy:

Inside of you is an intelligent energetic system that maintains balance. Einstein showed us that everything is made of, and radiates energy. This subtle form of energy supports, shapes and enlivens our physical body and activates our lives.

For the past 5000 years, practitioners of acupuncture have called this intelligent energy Qi (pronounced "chee"). Acupuncturist can access this Qi through various entry/exit points (359 basic points) that are grouped into the 12 regular meridians.

An acupuncturist views each individual as a dynamic, integrated whole, observing how signs and symptoms weave together in order to understand the underlying, energetic profile of a person's health.

My Procedures:

Acupuncture: Tiny disposable needles placed gently into specific acupuncture points.

Moxibustion: The dried leaf of mugwort is rolled into a stick or placed on the end of needles, then burned as a warming therapy during treatment.

Qi Gong: Specific movements and breathing exercises used to improve heath and vitality.

Electro-acupuncture: Acupuncture points are stimulated using a safe, gentle, electrical current.

Tui Na: Massage technique that stimulates the meridians, facilitating the flow of qi.

Gua Sha: A gentle scraping of the skin surface usig a Gua Sha tool to increase circulation of Qi and Blood.

Cupping: Using glass or bamboo cups to create a vacuum in order to increase warmth and circulation.

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